To my dear, faithful and dependable, right Big Toe,

You and I have always gotten along. You’ve kept me walking a straight path through life. You’ve pushed me forward towards my goals and you’ve lifted me up when I wanted to reach greater heights (like the top shelf in the kitchen). You keep me balanced. You’ve always supported me. I don’t think I’ve ever truly appreciated how much I need you.

I understand now how much I’ve taken you for granted. I’ve had pedicures from time to time, but I know it’s not enough to show you that I care. And I know… I know that I have been hard on you in the past – that even now I push you and push you, beyond reasonable limits. But I need you, I need you Big Toe!

You have to stop hurting me like this! Every night I ache from the pain you cause me! Each morning I awake to feel you stiff and cold, resentful of one more new day we have to spend together, trudging through life. And though I lovingly tend to you, the balms and salves are no match for what I truly fear.

I fear you may be broken. Perhaps, at this point, beyond repair. Each day I curse myself for my stupidity and cowardice, for not facing my fears and fighting to do what’s best for you (I’m too scared to get on a phone and make an appointment with a radiologist because my French is terrible. Also, I can’t be bothered). So instead, I ignore the pain, the hurt, the festering resentment, and I pretend that everything is fine. Pretend that we’re fine. But we’re not are we? We’re not!

I’ve learned that love means taking care of those that care for you, and I know you care for me Big Toe, I know you do! And I know that without me you would be without purpose. We need each other, Big Toe. And please believe that I am here for you now! Because in the end, if I cannot support you, then you cannot support me.

I love you Big Toe! Please stop hurting.



4 thoughts on “Remorse

  1. I love this slice! Way to capture those silly (but totally commonplace in my experience!) internal conversations that we have with our parts – especially when they’re not doing what we wish they would do. Good luck with Big Toe. We’re out here rooting for you!


  2. Oh, poor toe! But it might be almost worth it because this letter to your toe is so funny. And… I don’t know for sure, but my bet is your French is good enough. Though, that said, when I lived in France I would have found this completely overwhelming. Orteil? Casse? radiographie? S’il vous plait? Best of luck facing the toe situation. At least you can laugh about it?


  3. Toes are underappreciated until they have a problem. I can totally relate to putting things off until I no longer can. I love the lightheartedness of this Slice. Hope your toe is better soon! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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