To be touched by manifold whys

“In fact, a deed, a gesture of rage or love, a poem, a painting, a song, a book are always wrapped in thick wrappers. They have been touched by manifold whys.”
– Paulo Freire

Your delight and joy

has taken root within my body.

Yet, we are blessed with the ability to nurture

thoughts and feelings,

within our heads and hearts

at once measuring a diameter’s reach.

And so I curl here,

on the bathroom floor,

where I have shed through tears and blood

my angst/ my soul,




anticipating the blossom of your joy.

Your joy is not my pain!

Though a cheery grin belies my grief.

I press my forehead to the lucite rim

and let the spasms fade.


4 thoughts on “To be touched by manifold whys

  1. Wow – that’s a poem to grapple with. The contrast between the physical and the mental, the joy and the grief. The image of the bathroom floor is powerful and disconcerting as is the repetition and multiple uses of the word joy. I’ll read this one again. (Also, congratulations, I think.)


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