A recent post, written for the Two Writing Teachers EAL Round-Up:

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About me:

My name is Julie Fellmayer and I am an elementary school English Language Development and Drama teacher at an international school in Brussels, Belgium. Like most writers I am inspired by the quirks of the present, the angst of the past, the anxieties – and occasionally hopes – of the future.

I blog on Tuesdays with the year-long Slice of Life Challenge. You can find my posts above at SoL Tuesdays.

I’ve written a few stories inspired by my students. You can find the collection at the Children’s Stories link above.

I participated in the March 2019 Slice of Life Challenge through Two Writing Teachers. You can find my posts for the challenge at the SoL March 2019 link above.

Other Publications:
Disruptive Pedagogy and the Practice of Freedom, Hybrid Pedagogy, October 2018

“They Are Us”, Identity, Education and Power, March 2019