The Stand-off

The offer struck me as ludicrous, insulting. They had me over a barrel and they knew it. I wanted to laugh, throw it back in their faces. I wanted to say ‘How dare you? Is this how little you value me? Well you’ve made a big mistake!’ Then I would turn slowly, leave, and never look back.

I looked them each in the eyes. They showed no hint of sheepishness; they had no qualms about how they were presenting their offer. This was my only chance, their best offering, our last stand. It was a true take it or leave it moment.

What could I do? Saying no was inconceivable. Everything had led to this. I knew this was a possibility when I took the first step and challenged them. I just didn’t expect to lose.




4 thoughts on “The Stand-off

  1. Oh, the suspense! What happens next? I’m so curious. It’s a brief and deeply compelling scene and based on who I place in which position, I can imagine different trajectories and outcomes. Thanks for sharing. Would love to know if you decide to expand on this idea at some point.


  2. GAH! Suspense! So… my first read saw this as humorous. I fully expected you to end by talking about your students & whatever challenge you’d lost to them. But you didn’t. So I read it again. This time it was much more ominous. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you lost a bet to some 8-year-olds.


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