The Chocolate Ghost

Once upon a time there was a girl named Star. Star was a very funny little girl. She liked to play tricks on her family and friends, but she didn’t like it when people played tricks on her. Sometimes she would sneak down to the kitchen and take extra cookies and chocolate from the cupboards and hide it in her room. When her mum and brother would ask where the cookies and chocolate were, Star would say, “I don’t know, maybe there’s a ghost in the house who loves chocolate.” Then she would run upstairs, eat 5 chocolates and giggle to herself.  

Star also loved to draw and write stories about her dog Moon. Star would write and draw and Moon would lie at Star’s feet, dreaming and snoring softly. 

One evening, Star was drawing a picture of an owl in a tree while Moon was having a very good dream about chicken wings. Suddenly, Moon woke up, jumped to his feet and stared at the door. Then Star heard a noise just outside the door.

“Staaaarrr! Mooooooon!! This is the ghost of the house! Give me back my chocolates and cookies!” cried a spooky voice from behind the door.

 Moon barked and made a nervous whine at the door. Star put down her pencil, stood up and slowly crept towards the door. The the door handle rattled and the was a loud BANG! BANG, BANG! on the door. Moon yelped and hid under the bed.

“Staaaaar! Moooooon! Give me back my chocolates and cookies or else!!” howled the voice.

“Or… or else what?” asked Star nervously.

“Or else, when you are at school, I will take all your pencil crayons!” responded the ghost.

 “What!? You can’t do that!!” said Star, feeling very upset.

“Staaaaarrr! I need my cookies and chocolates!! Noooooowwww!” 

“Ok, ok!” Star shrieked. She ran to her desk, pulled out a secret drawer and dumped 20 bags of cookies, 30 chocolate bars, 40 chocolate eggs and 50 chocolate squares into a big pile on the floor. Suddenly, the door burst open and in came Star’s Mom and big brother.

“Ha! Caught you!” they both shouted.

“You’re so mean! I thought you were a scary ghost!” Star complained loudly.

“Well, serves you right for hiding all this chocolate.” said Star’s brother and he picked up all the chocolate and cookies and walked towards the door.

“Too much sugar isn’t good for you Star sweetie,” Star’s Mom said softly. “I’m sorry, but all of this has to go back to the kitchen. Night night!” and she followed Star’s brother and shut the door.

Star sat on her bed with her arms crossed and her face in an angry frown. Moon crawled out from under the bed and jumped up beside Star, giving her a big doggie kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for your help,” Star grumbled. Then they curled up on the bed and went to sleep.


Photo credit: Child Mags


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