Beer Share

This post is inspired by Tammy B at Tammy’s Reading and Writing Life, who today used the Coffee Share format. I, however, am in Belgium, so we will be drinking beer.

Today we are having a beer at a fancy Belgian beer bar where they have about 30 beers on tap. You select your beer by telling the server what you like and they will narrow down the choices until you get to a beer that’s perfect for your palate. It’s very hipster.

If we were having a beer I would apologise for forgetting that you don’t drink. You are having a glass of sparkling water. You don’t drink beer either, because it makes you bloated, so you’re having red wine instead. Fortunately, you do drink beer and you decide to try the smokey bacon flavoured beer because you’re visiting Belgium and why not. You will regret it.

If we were having a beer I would tell you that this is not the end for me with writing. It is just the beginning of writing with my students for the April challenge and the beginning of writing for the Tuesdays challenge. I am very excited about that!

If we were having a beer, I would tell you how proud and happy and blessed I feel to have made such amazing connections through this challenge! I was so happy with all the amazing writing I encountered as well as all the encouragement I received. This is a very special community.

If we were having a beer, I would tell you that my April break is coming up in two weeks, and that I am not sure what I am going to do with my time. I’m a bit concerned I might have to do boring assessment work for a lot of my vacation.

If we were having a beer I would tell you about my after-school drama club and how proud I am for my grade 3-6 students who will be directing, acting, and designing two plays with minimal help from me.

If we were having a beer I might tell you that husband and I have to make a big decision about whether or not to pursue fertility treatments. 

If we were having a beer I would tell you how fast this month has flown by, yet how much was learned and shared and developed. It was a very exciting month and I have the posts to prove it!

If we were having a beer I would love to know what you are reading, what you are listening to (music, podcasts and books) and what movies and tv shows you recommend. For Podcasts I would recommend SceneOnRadio, Witch Please, and Another Round. I don’t watch a lot of movies. I would need a separate post to detail all the TV I watch.

If we were having a beer I would forget by this point that you’re not drinking beer and keep asking you why you’re not drinking. You are still trying to finish your smokey bacon beer. I order another round of beer for all of us before you, you and you can stop me.

If we were having beer I would tell you how incredibly special this challenge has been for me. I had the opportunity to share my writing and my voice with an audience of amazing teachers and writers. I even managed to make some friends, which is something I never expected. I would tell you, now crying into my beer, that through all this blogging I discovered a joy for writing that I didn’t really know I had. 

If we were having a beer, it might be time to pick me up from the table, pay the check and leave.

If we were having a beer I would want to say thank you for all the positive spirit and encouragement of this community. I can’t wait to see you again on Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “Beer Share

  1. I love that we are having a beer together! The idea of the beer bar choosing the beer based on preferences is awesome! I usually like a pale ale but am game for trying something new. I love beer but will have a water too.
    I am so glad that this is the beginning of more writing!
    The writing challenge was pretty amazing this time wasn’t it? I met a bunch more people I would have never met otherwise and am excited about all the connections.
    I am so glad to be on break this week. I so need it! I hope you plan something fun during your break though. WE will have to have beers again then for sure!
    I am looking forward to hearing more about the drama club with your students.
    I am reading but only short pieces lately. I am having trouble keeping attention to longer pieces. I keep trying to read novels and it isn’t working. I am reading some Neil Gaiman and I started Radiant Shimmering Light. I listen to a lot of podcasts. This morning I was listening to Real Talk Radio podcast. Honest conversation for sure!
    The kids are playing football in the living room so I have to scoot. I am looking forward to our next beer!

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    1. Thank you for letting me know I should write about the Drama club. I will for sure. I will look up the Real Talk Podcast! The writing challenge was so amazing and I’m so glad we get to keep it up! See you on Tuesday!


  2. I’m so glad I got to have beer with you at a Belgian hipster beer bar. I’m definitely regretting that first round of smokey bacon beer and secretly glad you ordered a second round & I ended up with a white or a sour. While we’re talking, I would tell you how glad I am that I got to be part of your welcome wagon. I would share with you how much I looked forward to your posts and how much I loved your writing and how much I enjoyed getting to know you. I would cluck over the fertility choices – so hard to know what to do – and we would laugh at some of the stories we shared this month. Sometime in the middle of the second beer I would get very serious and make you promise – promise – to keep writing on Tuesdays. And then, before we got all maudlin, we would give each other a quick hug and one of us would scoot out the door so no one would see us and wonder how we got to be friends from thousands of kilometers apart over the course of just one month. As I left, I would say over my shoulder, “thanks for the beer! See you Tuesday!”

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  3. What a genius twist on the coffee post!! I don’t drink beer, but I did used to live in Belgium (in Mechelen) and when I lived there, I did occasionally try a beer, because hey, it’s Belgium, and you have to drink beer. But I never found one I liked. The smoky bacon would definitely NOT be my choice. (Maybe one of the cherry ones?) I have loved your writing this past month and am grateful in a selfish readerly and writerly way that you chose to Slice because I have learned a lot from how you craft your posts. And I am very happy that you are continuing to write! We would most definitely have a lot to talk about if we sat down for beer and bruisendwater (is that right? It’s been a lot of years since I lived in Belgium!)

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    1. Oh dear! I had no idea what bruisendwater was at all and I had to look it up! I don’t have any contact with Flemish whatsoever, so you taught me something today. That’s so cool that you lived in Mechelen! What were you doing there? Thank you very much for your kind words about my writing. I am very pleased to have you as a connection. You were one of the first people to take up Sherri’s challenge and talk about issues with race in teaching, and I really, really appreciated the way you did it. I’m really so amazed and grateful that through SoL I got to connect with writers and teachers like you. 🙂 I hope I see you on Sundays!


      1. Well, I was following a boy. But I also transferred to the V.U.B. and got my undergraduate degree there. I lived there for 2 years and spent weekends taking the train to any town I could get to and seeing as much of the country as I could. I was super homesick the whole time but also loved all the travel and museums (and reading! Antwerpen and Leuven libraries both had excellent English language sections, and I read my way through their shelves). I just might have to make the weekend coffee share a regular post too!

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