Death’s Door

Head pounding. I type these words with my last remaining reserves of energy. Achy everywhere. So hot, feverish. Exhausted. Nauseated. Sinuses twinge. Throat tickle. Cough, cough. My neck is stiff and sore. *Gasp!* Do I have meningitis? 

I expected to be tired after a week and a half of one-on-one assessments and portfolio preparation and student reflections and organising and two days of parent/teacher/student learning conferences. I didn’t expect to feel so flattened. 


4 thoughts on “Death’s Door

  1. At least you still have your sense of humour… Our parent-teacher conferences are next week – two days after a staff meeting and the day after our major standardized test. I expect Thursday’s post to either a) be pre-written or b) be pathetic. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’m glad you’ve made it to the weekend & I hope you feel better soon.

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