Too much and not enough

I really over did it yesterday. First the accident, then writing for probably 3+ hours, then reading and commenting on other posts. I was up past midnight and couldn’t wind down to get to sleep until past 1am. 

I did not feel I was forced to do any of it. I am enjoying this challenge, the people I have connected with and all the reading of posts more than I can say. I actually feel quite joyful about it all. 


4 thoughts on “Too much and not enough

  1. I too am enjoying this process, even though it is challenging. I absolutely feel as if I do too much, and it is still not enough. I also am loving the number of teachers who are overseas! This is so fun for me. Thank you for being part of this community.

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  2. I think there is some cosmic magic to this writing challenge. It connects us on so many levels. I hope you are okay. Yesterday, I wrote that I need to put myself on a “blog budget.” I can also spend hours reading…

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  3. I love that you feel joyful about the challenge and I love love love that you gave yourself the freedom to write a short slice today. 31 days is a long time to write *and publish* every day. This slice is every bit as real as yesterday’s in that it shares something true about you. So great.

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