Self Portrait: Unfinished

I’m on school holiday currently, the last weekday of a mid-winter break, sometimes casually referred to as the “ski week.” About 75% of my students have gone skiing. The roads will be a nightmare – people prepare to spend 9+ hours in Alpine traffic. A group of my colleagues went to Innsbruck for the week. They invited me to go, but I said no, secretly hoping I’d be pregnant by now… I am not.

My husband and I initially had plans to visit friends in Paris for 4 days. Very good friends. Friends who know all my references, who make me laugh, with rapid-fire jokes. Friends who forgive the occasional ankle bites from my chihuahua-yorkie rescue mutt and without irony agree, “Really, his behaviour has improved sooo much since you first got him!” Alas, my dear friend’s herniated cervical disc disrupted our plans and hubby, dogs and I remained at home.

I meant to keep a little busy this week (she lies to herself). I have the standard bedside pile of books to read and I proudly determined to work my way through as many of them as possible. It turns out half a book was all I was capable of managing, what with all the tv-watching I engaged in. I’ve told myself this was all part of what my body needed, as part of my rest and recuperation. I decided to double the dose, just in case.

This is the most fun I’ve had all week. Just two more days of unstructured “me time.” The end is nigh.



11 thoughts on “Self Portrait: Unfinished

  1. 9 hours in traffic or binge watching tv, laying around and reading books? I know what I’d choose & it’s not the traffic! Glad you’ve had a chance to rest and recuperate. Enjoy the last few days before the deluge begins again. (And may your secret hope come true soon if it’s still your hope.)

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  2. Sounds perfect! Hope your Sunday is “me time,” too. On another random note, when I noticed your Belgian location it reminded me of a Netflix show I’m currently watching: The Break (La Treve). It is a Belgian dark noir. Do you know it?


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