Compounding Rate of Interest

On Monday my Drama class was cancelled at the last minute. The Middle School Drama class had an urgent need to use our rehearsal space. On the previous Friday they skipped school with their Drama teacher CR and went to the Climate Strike. After the protest, they returned to the school and spent 48 hours in the Drama studios “devising” a play about their experience and their concerns regarding inaction over climate change.  After a flurry of rearranging I was able to send the majority of my grade 6 students to their music teachers. Then 5 grade 6 student representatives and I joined teachers, school leaders and MS and HS students to watch the play.


The play was actually fantastic. I was surprised really, because how good can something be when you put it together in just 48 hours? Well, the MS students proved me wrong and I was mesmerised. The grade 6 students were inspired. We got together after the play and decided to create a presentation for the rest of grade 6 about the play and what we learned. I don’t really know what else to do at this point, other than to try to drum up more interest. 


3 thoughts on “Compounding Rate of Interest

  1. The impact of space scheduling is profound in school — especially for PE and the arts. We don’t talk about nor value the open spaces where learning happens for and with our bodies. I hear tones of frustration, acceptance, and wonder in this short piece as you make space in your heart and mind for what is possible.

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  2. Wow, what a powerful way for kids to process their real-world experience. (Also recognizing the irony of using “real-world” here as if school were anything but.) I know that feeling of having your class displaced by a higher priority, not with such short notice, however. As Sarah above comments, it is impressive how you use this short post to create space for your own students to consider ways to extend their learning.

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  3. “The play was actually fantastic.” I’m surprised, too, but also pleased for them and for your students. What a testament to the power of experience (the rally), time (48 hours away from class and writing a play is impressive flexibility on the part of the school and the teachers!), and creativity. You, too, are trying to follow and support your students’ passion. I wonder what they’ll come up with after the presentation. I wonder where this passion will lead them in a school with this sort of support.

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